Dedicated to dairy, all committed, all enthusiastic


logo-passion-du-lait_FRThis approach involves the entire cooperative, along the entire value chain, with a determination to achieve progress. We continuously seek improvement in the short and long term by implementing a training and information plan.
We build on our strengths to consistently offer high quality products for our consumers and our customers, traceable from fork to plate!

Passion du lait


For example: cows on the farms we collect from graze outdoors for an average of 200 days, and are given feed that is 100% of French origin





Dedication to Dairy is Laïta’s sustainable development system, which focuses on four main areas:

Understand and reduce the environmental impact of our activities on the environment

Produce safe, traceable products, from field to plate, in accordance with customer expectations

Guarantee the well-being and health of the animals we work with

Ensure a sustainable future for our farming families and employees in our region