A range of powders and finished products adapted to :

Standard formulas

  • Infant formulas
  • Follow-on and toddler formulas
  • Growing-up milk formulas

Premium formulas

  • With specific added ingredients:
    FOS, GOS, ARA, DHA, OPO oils, Nucleotides, Lactoferrin, Probiotics, Partially hydrolyzed proteins, Lutein, Starch, Carob, β-carotene, etc.
  • And/or for targeted benefits:
    Intestinal comfort, Improved bowel movement, Premature baby, Anti-diarrhea, Anti-Regurgitation (AR), Hypo-Allergenic (HA), Hungry babies, Organic, etc.

Epi Ingredients already develops standard formulas in powders for infant nutrition. As part of our current investment strategy, we will soon be able to supply:

  • Fully finished products packaged in cans
  • Standard base formula in powder

The main ingredients offered for Infant Nutrition applications are: Demineralized Whey, Epilac ingredients, Premium milk powders, standard base formulas and finished products.
Benefiting from years of experience in the infant nutrition market, Epi ingredients can assist you at every step of your project. From ingredients to finished products, our expertise will address your constraints and support you through your future commercial successes!