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Who are we ?

As dairy ingredient experts, EPI Ingredients offers each of its clients a response that is adapted to the client’s needs.
The analysis of this need is made by a dedicated team comprising a technical commercial agent, an engineer and a sales assistant: each Agro-foods actor can find a response to a specific need.

An R&D team close to customer reality :

- Our R&D technicians and engineers are specialized by applications. They have mastery not only of the dairy raw material and its processing techniques, but also most of the industrial processes specific to each Agro-foods professional.

We have an adapted and powerful material :

  • ressources for physicochemical, rheological, colorometric and sensory measurements,
  • application production line equipments : bakery, sauces and prepared foods, chilled dairy products and ice cream, melted cheese...

All the gustative, functional and nutritional properties of the solutions proposed to you are assessed within the application that is designed for you.

  • a pilot plant allows us to produce pre-manufacture runs and reliable test systems for the development of new powders.
  • we have also built up a sturdy partnership with culinary and flavoring art specialists.

Key figures on EPI Ingrédients :

  • 77,000 tons of dairy ingredients,
  • euros : 246 millions turnover,
  • a team of 25 employees 100% dedicated to our customers,
  • 4 technologically specialized industrial plants,
  • 1 pilot plant,
  • 1 application laboratory,
  • more than 100 references

International presence :

On the strength of its privileged and durably sustained relations with its international partners, EPI Ingrédients has acquired sound skills enable it to develop and commercialize its dairy ingredients on most of the European and worldwide markets : Europe – Middle East – Africa – Asia.

Group :

EPI Ingredients belongs to the dairy company Laïta, created by its 3 mother companies EVEN, TERRENA and COOPAGRI BRETAGNE, the 1rst july 2009.

Technical expertise:

EPI Ingredients draws its strength from the know-how and technical expertise of each of the four industrial plants that belong to its parent companies :

  • Drying : 8 spray towers (2 MSD),
  • Extrusion,
  • Ultrafiltration,
  • Microfiltration,
  • Dry blend ,
  • Fermentation.

Milk collection :

This gives EPI Ingredients privileged access to an annual milk collection of near to 1.2 billion liters of milk along with all the sales entities of our mother company Laïta, which most famous brand is "Paysan Breton". This milk is sourced from some 4,000 producers in western France, Europe's largest milk-producing area and Belgium.